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Why use CannaJob ?

CannaJob allows for companies to get directly in contact with all freelancers signed up to the platform. They can be contacted in one click and there are no intermediaries, thus facilitating exchanges. 

CannaJob is also much more than a website to connect people, since we provide a whole series of tools and online services to secure your relationship: integrated messaging system, quotes, contracting, invoicing, secured payment, professional insurance, as well as the possibility to leave a review at the end of a mission. All of this keeps you safe and simplifies your process.

To recap, CannaJob is :

  1. Free access to the best freelancers : thousands of freelancers whom you won’t find either on other platforms or with service providers, a search engine which offers the most suitable freelancers for your needs, and recommendations from other companies to guide you in your selection.
  2. Secured legal and administrative environments : you are protected vis à vis of labor laws. There is no risk of illegal work, and you maintain constant access to a centralized archive for your conversations, quotes and contracts.
  3. The simplicity of dealing with just one trusted advisor : a dedicated contact to help with your searches, one account for your purchasing team to process thousands of freelancers, and confidential contacting (no need to post jobs or complex RFPs).